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Lesson 2

Inside the Madman: Write Copy that Sells




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Like it or not, the #1 job of any successful entrepreneur is selling.

The moment you signed op to be an entrepreneur you nominated yourself as Chief of Sales for you business

You can’t avoid it. You can’t get around it. You can’t outsource it.

Business is sales. Period. And in the world of e-commerce, there is no more effective sales tool than that of copywriting.

Copywriting is both an art and a science. It’s the act of writing “copy” - words that compel readers to take action. And when it comes to a website, email, advertisement, or any other piece of marketing material, the copy acts as your day-to-day salesperson.

Effective copywriting allows you to communicate your value with ease. It allows you to focus your message into a narrative that shifts the reader’s mentality and motivates them to take an immediate action.

Most importantly, it allows you to convey a core idea that resonates with your target audience.

Unlike the manipulate methods and dirty sales tricks of ages past, copywriting is focused, specific, and built around a shared belief. It’s how you reach into your reader’s soul and build a fundamental connection around a shared idea.

So how do we pull this off?

How do we write words with this level of power?

The answer is found in doing something very counterintuitive to most people.

Lesson 2 :: How to unleash your inner salesman and write copy that sells

There are two types of copy:

  1. Copy that focuses on your business

  2. Copy that focuses on the customer

Only one of these types will actually drive sales for your business, but your natural inclination is to write the WRONG type.

As a entrepreneur, a salesperson, and a copywriter, you have to understand that nobody cares about YOU. Nobody cares about your business. Nobody cares about your goals.


Because they are too busy caring about themselves, their own businesses, their own goals!

The ONLY way to grab people’s attention is to think about how you are going to help THEM achieve THEIR goals.

That’s it.

That’s the secret.

And by “goals”, I’m not just talking about the obvious, short-term goals. I’m talking about the deep values and motivations that drive every action a person takes.

Let’s look at an example:

You are on the hunt for a new bed. But are you? Ultimately, you don’t care about the bed. What you care about is the long-term quality of your sleep. And there are different ways I can sell a mattress to you.

The worst way would be to tell you about how long my bed manufacturing company has been in business, how many customers we’ve had, and how high are reviews are online.

I could improve on this by talking about you. I could talk about what you need in a good bed. I could talk about how the quality of the materials impact your quality of sleep.

But the best thing I can do is focus entirely on the core benefits you are looking for.

You want a good night’s sleep, every night, for the next ten years, without having to go through this process again. You are afraid of being forced to sleep every night in a bad bed, but you can always fix that with a return.

What you are truly mortified of is wasting your valuable time purchasing, sending back, and then having to repeat this process multiple times while you sort through crappy beds that weren’t as advertised.

Or worse, you are scared that you will go through this entire process and invest in a top quality bed, only to have it break down in a few years and force you start all over again.

These are the issues that compelling copy speaks to.

  • It focuses on the customer’s needs
  • It focuses on the benefits of the product rather than its features
  • It takes readers through a narrative they can relate to
  • It promises to meet the customer’s needs
  • And finally, it demonstrates how it has met those needs for past customers

This is very easy to learn in theory, but it seems to be unusually difficult to translate into actual copy. Most entrepreneurs aren’t naturally skilled writers, so much of their mental energy while writing goes into simply putting words on the page, leaving little room for applying the principles of good copy to a page.

When you first try it out, you will probably start the page with all this in mind and end with a long list of company features.

That’s okay! It’s a learning process. Just do the following:

  1. Write or rewrite your copy using the principles we’ve discussed today.
  2. Have a 3rd party read your copy and then explain why they would or wouldn’t want to buy your product or service.
  3. Use that feedback to optimize your site, and then repeat with another 3rd party.

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