My personal favorite growth engines, explained (lesson 5 of 7)


Now that you know what Growth Engines are (lesson #4), let me show you which 2 growth engines are the most effective to learn as a rookie growth marketer.

Let’s dive in!




This email continues based on lesson 4

Let me recap real quick: The reason that tactics aren’t working, is because you need to bundle them together into a system or ‘growth engine’

That explains why you’re currently spinning your wheels, without showing any traction or sales growth. You need to start building ‘Growth engines’ for better results.

There are a ton of different growth engines out there. For instance…

  • SEO

  • Content marketing

  • Facebook ads

  • Affiliates

  • Virality & word-of-mouth

  • Referral

  • Etc. etc. (about 25+ different options)


However to create some order in the madness, they can be broken down into 3 different categories…

  1. Inbound engines

  2. Outbound engines

  3. Product-based engines


Let me explain each one real quick:

Inbound engines are all ‘pull’ channels. You make sure you’re at a place where people will naturally discover you if they have a problem.

Examples are content marketing (blogging, etc.) and SEO.


Outbound is ‘push’ marketing. Think advertising or sales. Rather than customers taking the lead in the process, you take the lead… by calling them, or showing them ads. These channels tend to be more money-based, whereas inbound is more time-based.


Product-based engines rely on the product itself, and it’s current user base. The users invite new users. An example would be Dropbox (referral engine) or Facebook. The more users you have, the faster you’ll grow….  But on the other hand: no users = no growth.


Now for the unpopular opinion: inbound is dead for early stage startups. And product is dead, too (because you don’t have a user base yet)

Nobody wants to hear this, but I need to break it to you…

Early-stage, the best growth engines are outbound

  • Outbound puts you in control

  • Outbound costs money, but it doesn’t cost much time

  • Outbound always works (at least to some extend)


And recently I realised something important…

You really need to master only 2 outbound channels, to succeed at growth. 

One growth engine for B2C, and one for B2B startups.


If you’re in a B2C environment, master the Facebook ads engine.

  • Facebook can reach practically everyone online

  • Targeting is very granular

  • You don’t need ‘purchase intent’ (like AdWords does), but rather you target based on interests & demographics.

  • It works for almost any B2C startup.


If you’re in a B2B environment, master the Lead gen engine

  • Find who your best leads are

  • Figure out their email address

  • Send them a killer email, pitching your product

  • Push them from there into a standardised sales funnel (I’ll cover sales funnels in the next lesson)


I can’t show you exactly how these engines work. That’s too complex for just an email.

That’s what Growthcasts Elite is for. We dedicate an entire module to each growth engine.

You’ll love it.



Pieter “engine-eering growth” Moorman




Tomorrow’s email will be a bit different than usual.

By popular request I’ll share with you my ‘playbook’ to crushing it as a freelance growth consultant. It’s the tactics I use that allowed me to quickly earn a 6-figure income, while working part-time, from Bali…

To be honest: you can barely imagine how close you are to actually achieving this lifestyle for yourself, too. More on that tomorrow!