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Lesson 5

Introducing *Drumroll* the 600lb Gorilla of Growth:

The Lead Generation Engine



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Today we cover the biggest growth hack of our generation

Bold statement, I know!

So what am I talking about?


And not just any emails...

Cold emails

Today I’ll show you how to find the primary email address of virtually everyone. That may not sound too exciting at first glance, but stay with me here.

There are some very big reasons I consider this the “ultimate hack”:

  1. It’s versatile: It’s a trick that allows you to get your pitch in front of virtually anyone, whether that’s a corporate CEO, a journalist, or your top-10 most ideal customers.
  2. It’s cheap: Sending cold emails is incredibly cheap to execute. We’re talking no more than $50 per month here... even less if needed.
  3. It’s powerful: Cold emails are so powerful that they are actually outlawed in many circumstances. Cold emails may annoy a lot of people, but people send them anyway because they work.
  4. It’s scalable: Cold emailing can be scaled to bring you an ever-growing stream of visitors, leads, and customers on autopilot.


Good ‘ol email has it all. There is simply no other channel that converts better than email.

When you do it right, you will finally stop spinning your wheels and begin to see that traction you’ve been craving for so long.




Oh yeah.

Something that can turn your entire business around?


Imagine what will be available to you when you have a cold email system in place:

  • Get your message in front of the most targeted, high-converting customers at will.
  • Reach any journalist at any time and pitch them your story.
  • Quickly build unlimited backlinks and see your search rankings soar.
  • Reach key influencers in your industry and start building high-value relationships with them.
  • Build partnerships with key players at scale.

In this lesson I’ll show you 2 ‘hacks’ you can use to quickly find anyone’s email address.

Next, show you an example of how tactical growth hacks can be welded together to create powerful growth engines.

Let’s get started.



Lesson 5 :: Unleash Harambe with the Ultimate Lead Gen Machine

We’re going to break this lesson into 2 primary hacks that will facilitate our lead generation machine.

Hack #1: The Pinging Mailservers Hack (aka just use VoilaNorbert)

If you know that my name is Pieter Moorman and that I work at Growthcasts, then you have a very good chance of identifying my email address.

It’s probably going to be one of these:


There are another 10-20 combinations you can try based on my name + company domain.

You get the idea.

But what you probably don’t realize is that you can very easily test 30 different combinations to see which one is actually correct.

It’s a bit of a technical trick, called ‘pinging mailservers’, but a tool called VoilaNorbert makes it drop-dead simple.

Check it out:


That’s it.

As long as you know someone’s name and company, you have a very good chance of being able to quickly find their email address.

But of course, this trick won’t work on every single email address. Sometimes the mailservers won’t respond, or people’s email addresses don’t follow a standard format.

This probably happens in 10-20% of cases, but it’s not a problem. We have a hack for that.

Hack #2 :: The + LinkedIn Hack

For this little gem, we’re gonna exploit LinkedIn to find email addresses. Anyone with a LinkedIn account is fair game.

I use a Chrome browser extension built by to find emails.

It works like this:


Just one click. Easy.

The browser extension can be downloaded here.

As an advanced note, I’ve found that this works incredibly well with LinkedIn, but it’s not limited to LinkedIn. You can try the same strategy on many other sources. I’ve found that using it on LinkedIn gets me fast results in 90% of cases, so I haven’t bothered with other sources, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there.

Putting the “Engine” In Our Growth Hack Engine

With those 2 hacks under our belt, you can start building a list of ideal customers, getting their emails in 1-2 hours, and reaching out to them.

But to really build an engine, we need to take it a step further. We need a number of key pieces in place:

  • Powerful emails
  • Data scraping at scale
  • Automated outreach
  • The full process automated and on autopilot

If you need more help, we’ll show you how to build that growth engine in the Lead Gen Engine. Click the link below to find our how.


To building business empires,