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Today you’ll discover the ‘secret sauce’ of growth marketing… this is a lesson about the single most valuable skill any growth hacker can ever hope to acquire…



We were on our 2nd bottle of red, so the conversation was getting more open and fluid. For some reason —in between discussing girls and ordering a next round— the conversation shifted to startup marketing…  

Caspar, a good friend of mine, was intrigued.

I told them the story of how I blew over $50.000 on Facebook ads, almost drove a startup to failure. And how we miraculously turned it around at the last minute.

It’s a funny story how that all happened (a fun story is the least you could get, for wasting $50k), and by that time Caspar was completely hooked.

I’ll actually tell you that story in tomorrow’s email…

Anyhow… Caspar was hooked on growth marketing. He loved the story, and he wanted his piece of that.

To get an idea and more context of where he would need to focus his attention, he asked me an interesting question:

“If you could pick only 1 skill to be absolutely killer at,
what would it be?”


Smart reframe.

Got me thinking…

But even through the fog of the wine, the answer was pretty obvious to me. There is only one skill that clearly stands above anything else.

I zoomed out, and gave Caspar my ‘overview’ of how you build growth quickly.

First, you need to think in terms of systems. But that’s not really a skill.

There’s only a few of them, and once you know them, you’re good.

But the systems alone are not enough. On top of the systems you need the ‘magic sauce’.

Mama’s secret that makes (or breaks) your lasagna, so to speak…

And there’s one skill that I continuously keep investing in, because whenever I do that I see my growth rates bump up. It’s a skill that can literally add an extra zero to your bank account.

What is the magic sauce of growth…?






Copywriting is the backbone skill of every growth marketer, and — by far and away — the most profitable skill you could ever hope to acquire.

Copywriting is writing with the purpose to sell. Simple as that. (simple, but not easy)

It’s the equivalent of great salesmanship, but put online.

Caspar was blown away. He’d been a successful salesman almost his entire career, but never heard about it.


“Tell me more…”


So I gave Caspar an overview of everything I knew about copywriting. And even though there’s a lot to it, and it takes years and years to attain mastery….  it’s surprisingly simple to get pretty good at writing copy.

The truth is, copywriting is just one of those skills where you need to really nail the essentials.

Back to basics.

Catch. Pass. Shoot.

Once you have that…


It’s just incredibly what happens:

  • Your ads convert better (thus clicks become cheaper)

  • Your email open rates go up

  • Your website starts to convert better… way better, actually

  • You craft better offers, that people love

  • All your advertising costs drop, while conversions rise

  • Channels that previously were too expensive, now become profitable

  • People ‘get it’ when you talk about your product

  • Finally you get that viral loop to work… referrals start working

  • Etc.

  • Etc.


I can’t say enough good things about copywriting. If there’s only one skill you’re gonna master, then copywriting is the most profitable one.

Imagine what would happen if every conversion rate across your funnel would go 20-30% up. It compounds. It adds up quick!

Anyway… I’m losing track here!

I actually haven’t told you the most interesting thing yet…


Copywriting is a skill that hardly changes over time. Stuff that was relevant in the ‘30s, still works today. It’s all human psychology.


Some of the best resources on copywriting, are quite old… but anything from dated. That’s why I always make the same recommendation to everyone that wants to learn copywriting:

Study the masters.

More specifically, here’s how I recommend you start:


  1. Get a copy of ‘Ogilvy on Advertising’  ::  a book by David Ogilvy, the godfather of advertising…  Click here to order it on Amazon

  2. Read the ‘Gary Halbert Letters’  ::  written by -surprise, surprise- Gary Halbert, who is without a doubt the most famous direct-response copywriter.  This one is a great start (free)




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— Mark Schönhage, Founder of Frontlegs


Or Jonathan:

“Duuude, you guys are more generous than f***ing Santa Claus. I’m totally hooked on those videos.” — Jonathan Berkeley, entrepreneur & online marketer


That’s it for now.

Next lesson is about “risk roadmaps” and the principles of growth strategy… that I stole from Elon Musk (!!!)

Until tomorrow,

Pieter “killer copy” Moorman


P.S.  Tomorrow you’re up for a real treat: a story of how I wasted almost 4 months (and $50k) on getting Facebook ads to work, almost drove a startup to failure, and then turned it around 4 days before that faithful shareholder meeting…

It’s an unbelievable lesson (and a fun story), that I learned from Elon Musk.

Actually, it’s Musk’s ‘magic’ that is driving his outsized successes at PayPal, Tesla & SpaceX.

You call it ‘risk roadmaps’.

Tomorrow’s lesson will be the best one in this entire course. It’s about growth strategy. If you’re only gonna read 1 more email, read the lesson tomorrow…