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Lesson 4

How we conquered Mount Zuckerberg: Facebook ads decoded




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The secret to Facebook ads is that you either understand it or you don’t.

No seriously... hear me out.

You’ve probably tried it before. You spent some money, tried out some ads, and ran your first campaigns.

Let me predict what happened:

You failed. Or at least, you got frustrated and quit.

It’s not that you don’t believe in the system. You know there are guys spending $10k per month on Facebook ads and making hundreds of thousands in return.

But what good does that knowledge do you?

If you don’t know how to build your own profitable Facebook ads campaigns, some random person’s success does you no good at all.

What you need is a proven system that actually works. You need what I call a “growth engine” for success. A growth engine is a predictable, step-by-step process to build scalable, repeatable acquisition channels.

The reality is that Facebook is neither the cheapest nor the fastest acquisition channel available. And the truth is, it doesn’t work for every business. But the only way to know one way or another is to use a process that actually works and see if it works for your unique business.

It’s not “boosting my post every few days for $15 a pop.” It’s not a bunch of random experiments.

It’s a core process that allows you to spend $10k and get $30k back in return, and today, we are going to look at that process.

Lesson 4 :: How To Decode Facebook and Build an Unstoppable Growth Machine

A successful growth engine is comprised of 4 core pieces.

  1. Sales funnel
  2. Creative, targeted ads
  3. Pay-to-play mindset
  4. AdEspresso

In order to make this run like an actual engine, you need to assemble every piece together. If one part is malfunctioning, the entire engine will suffer and potentially even blow up... you know, like an actual engine.

If you’ve tried Facebook ads without success, I would bet you anything that you were missing a piece of the engine.

Let’s take a closer look at these pieces.

1. You’re going to need a sales funnel attached to your FB ads.

Nobody is on Facebook to read about the newest ads. You are on facebook to catch up with friends, have a laugh, and get into a pointless argument.

Asking someone to “buy this now” on Facebook almost never works, because people aren’t on Facebook looking for stuff to buy. Your job as a marketer is to offer them something they ARE looking for - to relate to them where they are at and then nurture them to your product.

I order to do this you need a sales funnel. You need something amazing to offer them in exchange for their email and then a follow up series to offer them more value and connect them to your core offer.

We’ll dive deeper into sales funnels in Lesson #6 of this course!

2. Ad creatives have a massive influence on your ad’s impact.

Your ads can’t be boring. They need to stand out on a crowded FB page.

But they should NOT stand out as an ad.

Instead, they need to stand out as something intriguing and unmissable - something that demands a click and then delivers the goods.


There are a couple of elements you should include in order to accomplish this:

  • A stop-and-take-notice image (yes, pictures of hot women work great for this)
  • Ad text that is hopelessly intriguing and captures their curiosity
  • A headline and CTA that demand an immediate click-through

You aren’t going to nail this on the first try. You are going to need to test out some different images, headlines, text blocks, etc.

Which brings us to point #3...

3. Facebook ads require a pay-to-play mindset

Facebook ads is pay-to-pay.

Hell, life is pay-to-play. You’re competing with people spending your entire year’s income every day on ads.

You are going to suck at this the first time around.

That’s why the system is so important. Without the system, you are just losing money and self-esteem. With the system, every dollar you “lose” is an investing in $1,000+ profit down the road.

But you have to have this mentality going in, or you are going to get spit right back out.

You need to have the patience, persistence and disposable income to sit through the down side of the curve and keep investing until either of 2 things happen:

  • You stop being able to lower your cost-per-customer.
  • You hit positive ROI.

Until you reach a point where you’ve tried 10 ads and none of them improve your return, you need to keep pumping money into your tests.

Pay to play.

I suggest having at $1,000 to burn if you are ready to take Facebook ads seriously. You might not need that full amount, but if it would kill you to lose $100 on Facebook ads, it’s not the right channel for you.

Fortunately, I have a little more to offer you. Our team discovered this tool while paying our own dues on the learning curve to Facebook success, and it increased our efficiency by three to four times.

4. Use AdEspresso. Seriously... use it.

AdEspresso basically picked our snail-like improvements and jammed a fat dose of adrenaline right into the mix.

With ads optimization, you have to test EVERYTHING, and AdEspresso allows you test everything at the same time. It’s a whole new level of aggression, and it will save you time and money.

You can quickly insert multiple titles, words, and pictures into your Ad, automatically creating every possible combination. Then it tests all of them for you and lets you find the winner. It’s hard to explain just how much time this saves if you haven’t gone through the Facebook ads process yourself, but if you’ve tried it before, I can see you salivating on the other side of the screen.

Unlike Facebook Ads’ built-in manager, AdEspresso allows you to create hundreds of possible advertisements in just a few minutes. I don’t really believe in “secret sauce” recipes for marketing, but if there was ever a secret sauce, it’s AdEspresso.

If you are willing to take the dive and start building a Facebook ads growth machine, sign up for AdEspresso right now.

The Facebook Advertising Engine

That’s the end of our lesson today, but as always, we have more available for you. We’ve created a full guide detailing our systematic process for creating a Facebook ads machine for any business.

Reaching positive ROI with Facebook ads is no joke, but once you get there, it’s a freaking gold mine. We’ll give you everything you need to reach the top in this guide.

  • You'll gain key insights that will show you if Facebook is the right channel for you
  • Lay the ground works for building your advertising engine
  • Learn to test like there is no tomorrow and break marketing down to a science
  • Scale up your growth engine to drive incredible growth to your startup

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