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Lesson 6

Selling is like dating. I'll teach you how to do both.




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If you approach a woman you’ve never met, and ask to have sex, what would happen?

Nothing good... probably.

In order to seduce a women, a little bit more tact, strategy & charm is needed. It’s not as simple as simply walking up and asking.

Most men have figured this out. Seducing women has become a science and an art, with legends like Casanova mastering the practice.

However, when it comes to business, we’re still stuck in the stone age.

We think we can just ask.

The art of sales is very similar to the art of seduction. It’s time for you to learn how to be a Casanova-esque salesman, and in this lesson I’m going to teach you how.

A modern day Casanova understands that relationships are a two-way street. You don’t just walk up and ask to be given something big. You start by asking for something small and offering something in return.

For example, you don’t walk up and ask a woman for sex. You offer to buy her a drink. In this scenario, you are asking for a small amount of her time and immediately giving something in return.

From their, you are in a great position to identify what the woman wants and nurture the relationship forward.

When done correctly, it's a win-win for both individuals.

As you might have guessed, this is the exact same approach you should be taking in business. Here’s how:

Lesson 6 :: The Art of Sales Funnels

In online business, we call the dating process a “sales funnel”. It’s how we turn strangers into buyers, and it follows a number of steps.

Step 1: Traffic: Find her

The process starts with traffic coming to your website. To begin with, you want to make sure you approach the right audience.

You don’t want to hang around seniors when you’re looking for someone in their 20s.

If you are dating, you attend a party or events where hot girls your age will be present. In sales this can be anything from an actual event to a Facebook group, forum, or any place where your target audience spends its time.

Step 2: Leads: Get her number

Once you are out and about, you have to actually approach the girl and start a conversation. Your goal is to make a connection that you can then follow up on.

In dating, this looks like getting her phone number, or if you’re really lame, adding her on Facebook. In business, this looks like collecting an email address, phone number, or if you’re really lame, a Facebook page like.

Just like a strong opening line is important in setting the tone for a conversation, it is also important in catching a potential lead’s interest on line.

Step 3: Lead Nurturing: Be interesting

Now that you can get in touch with your new crush, it’s time to be an interesting human being. Don’t annoy her, and when you do contact her, make sure you are intentional and are making it worth her time.

In dating, this might look like exchanging texts, or even going on some group dates. In business, we call this a “welcome drip campaign”, and it’s nothing more than a series of emails providing value without spamming or asking for too much (if anything) in return.

Let subscribers know how happy you are that they trusted you with their email address and start giving them value! Make sure they don’t regret trusting you!

Step 4: Milestones: Go on dates and build trust

Time to go on a date! Ask her out for coffee, chat, get to know each other and maybe even schedule a dinner date.

In sales, this could look like offering a free trial, getting them to test out your product, or maybe even selling them on a low-priced item or basic subscription. You want to keep providing value along the way, building trust, and progressing the relationship.

Step 5: Customers: Get it on

So let’s say you’ve been on a few dates, and it’s all going quite well. Soon you’ll find yourself jumping in bed together and getting it on.

In business, you just upgraded your lead to a customer or moved a basic customer to a premium plan. They understand your product fully and they’re loving it!

Step 6: Retention: Sex isn’t the end

That first night of ecstasy isn’t the end. She can always kick your ass to the curb or lose interest in the relationship. In business, this looks like a product return, a subscription downgrade, or worst of all, a cancellation.

So to make sure you don’t end up alone, having to start from scratch all over again, it’s important to continue nurturing the relationship, providing more value than you take, and develop a lasting relationship!

We’ll dive into this further in the next lesson.

Start Your Funnel

For now, it’s time to start planning out your sales funnel.

Think through each piece we’ve discussed thus far and identify how it translates to your business:

  1. Find where your target audience is hanging out (you already did this in Lesson #1)
  2. Identify how you can best get your audience’s attention and then their contact info
  3. Think through how you can provide value and build trust
  4. Identify a low-investment first step, like a low priced intro product
  5. Make sure your primary product or service is actually great

We’ll be diving into Step #6 in the next lesson!

To building business empires,