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If you're an entrepreneur, then this message is for you...

In his now famous essay "Startup = Growth", Paul Graham --the founder of Y Combinator-- puts it very nicely:

A startup is a company designed to grow fast. [...] The only essential thing is growth. Everything else we associate with startups follows from growth.
[...] The good news is, if you get growth, everything else tends to fall into place. Which means you can use growth like a compass to make almost every decision you face.

Conclusion: if you can get your business to grow... then everything else will fall into place.

Growth solves all your problems.


Chances are that --as you're reading this-- you’re right now telling yourself the same bullshit that I was telling myself not that long ago:

  • I suck at sales… and btw, isn’t sales only for shitty products? Good products like Dropbox or Slack sell themselves!
  • You know what, I’m not really d
  • … 
  • … 
  • … 
  • >>> Your excuse goes here <<<


All those excuses sound pretty reasonable.

But the truth is


If you’re not able to find scalable and repeatable growth, your business will fail and you're back to square one...

Like it or not: Growth is the only thing that separates raving success from devastating failure…

If you're not sure which camp you're in... then you're probably headed the way of the dodo, too.

So here is the old way to approach startup marketing & product growth: you treat is as some sort of voodoo science. Something mysterious… full of silver bullets, and hidden ‘growth hacks’ that guru-masters can teach you. 


Maybe you recognise this...

  • You started a blog (because everyone does), and wrote blog post after blog posts. Unfortunately, nobody cares.
  • You’ve tried Facebook ads. In a matter of days you blew through your $500 budget. Results? Nope, no results…
  • You feel insecure about which channels will bring growth.
  • You’ve spend way too much time reading blogs, and you haven’t found anything that really works for you.
  • There is this weird feeling creeping up that actually growth is pretty hard. You’re afraid to take it on…
  • Growth gets outsourced to contractors, consultants, or spindoctor gurus. Because if YOU can’t figure it out, surely someone else can, right?


Wait… what did you say there? Did you say you can hire someone to grow your startup? 

Well, not so fast, tiger...

As a founder, YOU are responsible for the success of your company (right?). And since growth is the only thing that matters…


That means it’s YOUR nr. 1 responsibility to growth the company.

YOU need to cultivate a mindset where growth is at the center. 

If growth is optional, success means ‘getting lucky’…  

F*** that. We’re not getting lucky here! If you’re not able to find scalable and repeatable growth, your business is not going to make it.

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So that’s why we’re putting this (free) email course together… 



Let's cut the amount of time, stress, anxiety & suffering when building your business…


We’re putting together a 2-week long email course, to teach you the essentials of Growth.

It’s completely free of charge to you. 

This is the deal... 



Leave your email today, and...

I will send you a 2-week email course that teaches you how to become a successful growth marketer, explode your product growth,
and become a master entrepreneur...


The best thing...

It will be Free of charge to you.


You'll join 5.000+ others on the rollercoaster to aggressive startup growth.  You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 

Curious what you’ll learn? 

Below I’ll give you a full breakdown of all the exciting stuff we’ll cover. After you’ve completed the course (which takes about ~10 min each day), you’ll achieve the following:

  1. Learn the most in-demand skill set on the planet. Growth marketers earn more than almost anyone else in the Valley. More than even devs & software engineers.
  2. You will become a rainmaker / growth hacker: that person who can accelerate growth no matter what.
  3. You will have a crystal-clear plan to carve your way through the foggy swamps of early-stage growth, and into hypergrowth stage...

You'll learn a skill set that can command salaries in the range of $120.000+ per year. Or you can use those skills to growth your own businesses. You choose. 

This new, revamped version of our email course will shoot your growth skills through the roof. 7 highly actionable emails, now supplemented with high-quality video and actionable resources.


Here is the full breakdown of the email course… 




We know you’re busy, so we cut straight to the chase: one of the biggest challenges for any business is to identify their primary traction channels. You'll learn to do that in a systematic way. You’ll get:

  • A battle-hardened step-by-step process to find your acquisition channels, over-and-over again
  • An overview of the 25+ different traction channels
  • Increased focus and confidence in your growth efforts
  • Insights into your growth strategy
  • You’ll start cultivating a growth hacker’s mindset



We’ll unlock your core instincts that are needed to write powerful, engaging & effective sales copy. Growth is fundamentally about convincing people to take action online. You will: 

  • Be blown away how much of a better writer you can become in… well… about 15 minutes.
  • Follow a proven structure to become a systematic copywriter
  • Turn mediocre campaigns into super-sized successes
  • Sharpen your core sales instincts to become a better growth marketer and a confident entrepreneur
  • Write twice as good, twice as fast



In this lesson we’ll share Elon Musk's best-kept secrets to success: how we hacked the science of startups. It's the exact blueprint he used to build both Paypal, Tesla & SpaceX. You'll learn:

  • How to create a clear risk roadmap, this means know where to spend your resources
  • Gain clarity and focus so you can stop waisting your time
  • Achieve product market fit faster
  • Become a lean growth strategist and build your company in a risk free and sustainable way
  • Tackle not only product risks but also market risks, channel risks and ignition risks




In this lesson you'll learn how to "climb mount Zuckerberg" and gain the basic techniques to conquer any type of ads.

  • Fundamental hacks that make sure your Facebook campaign becomes a success
  • Gain your customers perspective and identify key contraints
  • Build the foundations of your growth engine
  • Learn how to test everything before the money runs out
  • How to fine tune and scale up to achieve accelerated growth



Empower your business and prepare for accelerating growth. Build a powerful lead generation engine that will shoot your business into the stratosphere. You'll learn:

  • How to literally find anyones email address and demand their undivided attention
  • Scrape all the data you need and become a true growth hacker
  • Automate all processes so once the engine is running there is literally no reason to turn it off
  • Close deals like a true salesman, including some great pointers so you won't screw up here

DAY 11


Build money making machines that leave your competitors crying in the corner. You'll learn:

  • The five essential steps to follow through your sales funnel process
  • Easily choose the optimal sales funnel to achieve your goals
  • Put your new copywriting to the test and write copy like never before
  • Learn how to tackle the vague and distant art of webdesign with new principles that will enables you to make good enough designs in no time

DAY 13


Send your leads down a slippery slope, and transform them into addicted power users. In this definitive guide you'll learn:

  • Why 50% of development resources should be spent on onboarding
  • Design your onboarding strategy using one of the 7 design patterns that will guarantee success
  • Set a clear strategy that matches your customers expectations
  • Create a mind blowing onboarding flow where each customers reaches your magic moments and converts into a power user
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Hi my name is Pieter,

I dropped out of university at 22, to focus fulltime on my own company. I worked primarily as ‘product guy’ and CTO in my first online business, Vicancy, until I discovered that small sliver of business where marketing & product intersect: Growth.

In other words, where the magic happens. Later I created Growthcasts to archive the madness, and the methods that can drive unprecedented growth for early age startups.

From day one, Growthcasts has operated with a singular mission: To empower innovative entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses that innovate and change the world for the better.

All top-tier entrepreneurs have a relentless focus on growth above anything else in they business. That’s how they beat everyone else. This course is a great reminder of that!
— Irina Vanso
I’ve been in marketing for over 10 years now, and I was impressed by some of the strategies I learned. Those incredibly detailed episodes make it hard to NOT pick up something new!
— John Inwood

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