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Hey, Pieter here...

Have you ever noticed how crazy complicated marketing has become? If you're ready for a somewhat different approach (less technical BS, more **simple** solutions), then read on... 

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The potential you can reach as an Entrepreneur just doesn't compare to any corporate job. All you need is Growth!

Income Growth Potential Entrepreneurs VS Corporate Jobs

I would have never been where I am today if I hadn’t learned these vital lessons about growth! ‘Pathway to Growth’ definitely overshot my expectations big time!
— John Inwood
‘Pathway to Growth’ did exactly what it said it would.. Show me how to grow my business in a sustainable and exponential way! Thanks Pieter!
— Paul Rudger

How I went from $0 to $15,600 per month in 11 months

Pieter here… 

I got into the startup world because a friend had been in San Fran, and seen tech startups there. I don’t even know where ’Silicon Valley’ was, but he assured me: 

     “They raise more money in a week than we’ll make in the next 10 years”

So that’s how we got started. Dropped out of university, because we wanted to build a startup, raise tons of money and ‘exit’ in 2-3 years. 

That was the plan.

But in the startup world... nothing goes according to plan
My first startup adventures cost me my university degree, 3.5 years of my life (at about 80hrs/week), and nearly ~$25,000 of my personal money.

The fact that I was broke didn’t even feel that bad. It was the feeling of being absolutely worthless that drove me crazy. To be a nobody. To be a failure.

Little did I know how crazy things would get. That in about 11 months I would go from “maybe I should just get a job” to running 2 successful businesses, bringing in $15,600 in the last month of 2016. 

And it would only get better… 

  • One SaaS startup I helped got acquired about a year after we started working together
  • Another raised a ~$1.5M Series A only 2 months after working with me
  • And for #3 I was able to bring in over 2,000 recurring-revenue customers in just 4 months (!!)

And then there are the 2 profitable, bootstrapped companies I founded myself. (crazy, right? It can really that fast sometimes)

But here is the “moral of the story,” as it applies to you… 

There is a blueprint for explosive product growth, and I was just copy-pasting it on different businesses…


It worked for both consumer products and B2B startups alike…  Once you know the systems, you know you’ll always be able to drive growth. 


Because systems are at the foundation of stable, repeatable growth.

Hacks don’t drive growth.
Systems do.

And the stuff I’m doing is all based on a really simple process… 

… I’m not a developer (and probably never will be, ha!)… 

… I didn’t have the hustle of a typical sales guy or startup founder… 

… I had never learned anything much about marketing, or user acquisition...

… so I had to keep things really simple, or I would trip myself up.


Back to the basics. 
Catch. Pass. Shoot. 

But it turns out learning some basic system-thinking goes a lot further than knowing how to do cohort analysis, or optimise your metatags, or doing a gazillion A/B tests, or worrying a lot about the technology.

So for those that are curious about learning an “alternative approach”, then…

Leave me your email below, and in the next 14 days I will teach you the exact systems I use to unlock growth and new monthly revenue for tech startups. 

You’ll get 7 lessons, delivered conveniently in your inbox. 
For free.

What we’ll cover:

Lesson #1: Ultimate Traction System 

  • A battle-hardened step-by-step process to find your acquisition channels, over-and-over again
  • An overview of the 25+ different traction channels
  • Increased focus and confidence in your growth efforts
  • Insights into your growth strategy
  • You’ll start cultivating a growth hacker’s mindset

Lesson #2: Inside the Madman

  • Be blown away how much of a better writer you can become in… well… about 15 minutes.
  • Follow a proven structure to become a systematic copywriter
  • Turn mediocre campaigns into super-sized successes
  • Sharpen your core sales instincts to become a better growth marketer and a confident entrepreneur
  • Write twice as good, twice as fast

Lesson #3: Risk Roadmaps

  • How to create a clear risk roadmap, this means know where to spend your resources
  • Gain clarity and focus so you can stop waisting your time
  • Achieve product market fit faster
  • Become a lean growth strategist and build your company in a risk free and sustainable way
  • Tackle not only product risks but also market risks, channel risks and ignition risks


Lesson #4: Facebook Ads Engine

  • Fundamental hacks that make sure your Facebook campaign becomes a success
  • Gain your customers perspective and identify key contraints
  • Build the foundations of your growth engine
  • Learn how to test everything before the money runs out
  • How to fine tune and scale up to achieve accelerated growth


Lesson #5: Lead Gen Engine

  • How to literally find anyones email address and demand their undivided attention
  • Scrape all the data you need and become a true growth hacker
  • Automate all processes so once the engine is running there is literally no reason to turn it off
  • Close deals like a true salesman, including some great pointers so you won't screw up here


Lesson #6: Hypnotic Sales Funnels

  • The five essential steps to follow through your sales funnel process
  • Easily choose the optimal sales funnel to achieve your goals
  • Put your new copywriting to the test and write copy like never before
  • Learn how to tackle the vague and distant art of webdesign with new principles that will enables you to make good enough designs in no time


Lesson #7: Advanced Onboarding

  • Why 50% of development resources should be spent on onboarding
  • Design your onboarding strategy using one of the 7 design patterns that will guarantee success
  • Set a clear strategy that matches your customers expectations
  • Create a mind blowing onboarding flow where each customers reaches your magic moments and converts into a power user


Even if some 6th-graders would take the course, they would get it. I can probably teach it to a Chimpanzee, if needed. It’s not rocket science.

But it might change your business around, ‘cause…

Growth solves all problems

That’s kind of a crazy statement, but achieving faster month-over-month growth solves almost all the problems you’ll face as a business, because with faster growth rates… 

… you’ll have more sales, and higher monthly revenue… 

… it’ll be much easier to raise VC money… 

… your company valuation will be 3-5X higher… 

… you’ll be able to hire better developers, and build a better product…

… and you’ll make a bigger impact on society.


Growth is quite literally the only thing that separates raving success from devastating failures. 

It’s what all exciting high-growth startups have in common: Growth. Growth. Growth.

"The best (time) investment you can make as an entrepreneur: Do whatever it takes to become good at driving growth..." 

So if you’re willing to take a shot, then hit that big shiny button down there… and join the cool crowd.

I’ll see you on the inside (1st lesson is in your inbox in ~5 minutes)


- Pieter

All top-tier entrepreneurs have a relentless focus on growth above anything else in they business. That’s how they beat everyone else. This course is a great reminder of that!
— Vihaan Anand
I’ve been in marketing for over 10 years now, and I was impressed by some of the strategies I learned. Those incredibly detailed episodes make it hard to NOT pick up something new!
— Mike Johnson