Sex & sales funnels (lesson 6 out of 7!)


Boy oh boy, we’re almost through!  Lesson 6 out of 7 already…

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Today we’re gonna talk about sex & sales funnels… which has a lot more in common than you might think.




If you approach a woman you’ve never met, and ask to have sex, what would happen?

Nothing good... probably.

In order to seduce a women, a little bit more tact, strategy & charm is needed. It’s not as simple as simply walking up and asking.

Most men have figured this out. Seducing women has become a science and an art, with legends like Casanova mastering the practice.

However, when it comes to business, we’re still stuck in the stone age.

We think we can just ask…

We’ll just throw up a website saying “Hey, nice to meet you. Could you please buy my stuff…?!”

Common’ boys… that’s not a way to court a lady!

A modern day Casanova understands that relationships are a two-way street, and business is nothing different…  You don’t just walk up and ask to be given something big. You start by asking for something small and offering something in return.

Going straight for sex doesn’t work as well in the end as going for a coffee first…

Casanova however, has a very delicate & fine-tuned plan to seduce women over time. He knows that you don’t have to be a creep to get women…

Actually quite the opposite.

He knows what a women wants & needs, and he knows he can give it to her. Most importantly… he knows how to communicate clearly about it, every step of the way.

That way, it’s a win-win for both parties.




Let that sink in for a bit…

So many lessons here for a growth marketer…


Lesson #1:  Going straight for sex is less efficient than going for a coffee first

Customers are not directly ready to buy. They first want to get to know you. They need to like you, trust you. If you’re growing a business, you’re building real relationships. That’s the core of your business.


Lesson #2:  You don’t need a website, you need a sales funnel

As a business, the way your customers get seduced must be fully planned, optimised & fine-tuned. A weapons-grade sales funnel is the very foundation of every successful business!

A website alone is not a sales funnel. It’s the entire dating process… getting their attention => getting their number (lead gen) => dating with them (content) => taking her home (asking for a sale)…  


If you’re Casanova… you’ll get laid a lot.

If you’re good at sales funnels… you’ll get paid a lot.

Bad joke but you get the point. Finally we have…


Lesson #3:  Just because you’re selling something mean you have to be a creep…

Quite the opposite. Girls love it when you take good care of them. They want to be dated. In a similar way, customers love to be sold to… but in a proper way.

“Only if it feels good”

And guess what… you’re in a sales funnel RIGHT NOW.

Actually, we’re on a date at the moment!

All these emails you read, they’re actually cool dates I’m taking you on…

But do you care?


Of course not. You’re learning something valuable here.
You wanted to learn growth marketing, after all…


Now before we end this date, let me sneak in a little kiss at the end…  

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Sales funnel.


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Pieter “dating you” Moorman



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